Dot Approved Helmet For 2 Year Old

The habit of using helmets for toddlers has a good purpose, to maintain the safety of your 2 year old child. Because this is related to your child’s safety, of course you want a dot approved helmet fr 2 year old childresn, with a standard quality that is able to protect your child according to your expectations. Children want a […]

Comfortable Bike Seats For Women’s Mountain Bikes

Finding a suitable saddle, was not easy. Many factors influence it, and each individual’s matching criteria is different. Not much information is circulating about comfortable bike seat saddles for women’s mountain bikes, so it is quite difficult for you to find and choose the comfortable bike seats for women’s mountain bikes. How to choose a good saddle? 1. Pay attention […]

The Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Seat 2020

Saddles are an important component of mountain bikes, the quality of the saddles you use will affect your comfort when you are cycling. You certainly don’t want your biking to end with a sore body and aching back. Picture of comfort for everyone is not the same, but there are some brands that more people are comfortable in using it, […]

Finding Extra Wide Bicycle Seat With Backrest

Generally bicycle seats are rarely equipped with a backrest. This is because the bicycle saddle has been set to be able to maintain the rider’s posture during the trip. However, for those who have problems in their bodies, the backrest on a bicycle saddle is very useful and helpful. Especially if you include people who are overweight, you may need […]

Best First Bike For 5 Year Old, How To Choose It?

Cycling activities are activities that are positive for children 5 year old, cycling can be a form of channeling their great energy, for children aged 5 years, will be a lot of experience gained from cycling, Perhaps the obstacle, only in choosing the best firts bike for 5 year old. Children aged 5 years are no longer babies who can […]