Children’s Beach Cruiser Bicycles

Children’s beach cruiser bicycles – Cycling is a fun activity. Aside from exercising, cycling can also provide an exciting experience. Even so safety needs to be a major concern. Even though children can use bicycles, they are not ready to face the terrain with diverse traffic. There are plenty of beach cruiser bikes available on the market, but before buying […]

26in Beach Cruiser Rims

Guide to choosing a beach explorer bike with rim size 26 inc. 26in beach cruiser rim. In choosing a beach explorer bike, you might have difficulty choosing it, because of the little information you have. Maybe a few questions arise in your mind, like What is the general size of a beach explorer bicycle tire? How do I determine the […]

Women’s Cruiser Bike With Hand Brakes

Women’s cruiser bike with hand brakes for those who like biking, nothing beats the pleasure of going along the beach using a beach explorer bike. Bicycles are specially designed to sail the sandy beach terrain, with long handlebars, soft seats and wide wheelbases, which makes you comfortable driving along the coastline. Although it looks the same, but when we observe […]

Best Bike Seat For Fat Guy

For obese people, cycling is a problem in itself. For those of you who are overweight, cycling can be painful, because your weight is concentrated all in the saddle, and your sitting bones. Blood circulation is not smooth, pain and numbness in the groin area are common problems. To overcome this, you need a saddle that can support your fat […]

Best Bike Saddle For Hip Replacement

For those of you who are looking for the best bike saddle for hip replacement, there is a little information that we can share for you, please listen. For hip replacement surgery patients, there are lots of activities to avoid after surgery, to maintain your post-operative health condition, including cycling. For those of you who have been biking regularly this […]