Dot Approved Helmet For 2 Year Old

The habit of using helmets for toddlers has a good purpose, to maintain the safety of your 2 year old child.
Because this is related to your child’s safety, of course you want a dot approved helmet fr 2 year old childresn, with a standard quality that is able to protect your child according to your expectations.

Children want a helmet with a design that is cool in their eyes, without thinking about other factors, for that, you as a parent must be careful to ensure that the helmet is quality and able to provide protection.

There is not a lot of information out there discussing this, making it difficult for you to make choices, information from stores is sometimes unclear.

The simplest easiest way to choose a helmet that is of good quality is to check, is the helmet that you will buy at least approved by the DOT (US Department of Transportation) standard? If possible you can also buy SNELL certified. SNELL is a non-profit organization that sets very strict safety standards for helmets. However, usually those who are SNELL certified are more expensive.

But finding bicycle helmets for babies and toddlers is not easy. In the market there aren’t many bicycle helmets that are small enough for your toddler. Even if you search the bicycle shop around you, you might come back empty-handed.

But not to worry, we will summarize some of the best toddler helmets we can find.

1. Kali Chakra Child

One of the best toddler helmets, in the style of a mountain bike helmet, with penutuo on the back of the head, and an adjustable dial, at a very affordable price.






2. Giro Scamp w/ MIPS

One helmet that uses MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact System), technology created to protect the head when falling over the corner. The size of the scamp helmet fits on your toddler’s small head. This helmet is suitable for children aged 12 to 18 months.




3. Bell Sidetrack

Bell sidetrack is one of the favorite helmets of children and toddlers. Comes with MIPS and non-MIPS features. Has a good back head protection, a cool design with bright colors, which kids love. The only disadvantage of this helmet is its cheap buckle that is difficult to use, especially by your toddler.

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