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September 3, 2010 Art Beats & Lyrics 2010 Posted In: Art for Sale, Uncategorized

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This year I showed three pieces at “Art Beats & Lyrics”. First was a new painting I recently finished for a friend of mine named Mike Sal. He he’d recently went through some hardships in his life after his house got smashed by a tree. Living out of a hotel for six weeks he created a handful of songs, entitled “BEAR OUT THERE”, representing the isolation he felt being pulled out of his home like that. I saw hired to translate that into some sort of visual to be used as his CD cover. Long story short this is what I came up with. We were so happy with the end result we decided to show it at AB&L.

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Next piece was an Illustration I did for Vintage Limited. Based off of a drawing I did back in 1998 this is my revamped 2010 version of David vs Goliath. I substituted David’s traditional sling with a microphone to signify the strength of music in my life.

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Last piece I included in the show was called “Up Stream”. I drew a mob of people all in black & white and all flowing in one direction. Then I inserted a few characters in color traveling in the opposite direction. This illustration signifies the against the grain mentality I have, and admire in others.


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